Tips for safer renovations

Safety always should be the top priority when doing home renovations.

Home renovation projects vary in scope. Something as simple as repainting a bedroom counts as a renovation project, as does a full kitchen remodel. But no matter how big or small a project, homeowners’ top priority should always be safety.
Before beginning a project, make a list of possible hazards and how to avoid them. Here are some potential dangers that can spring up.


Bathroom Safety

Safety must come first in your bathroom. With forethought, and little more than a screwdriver, it is possible to considerably reduce the risk of bathroom mishaps befalling anyone in the family, regardless of age or mobility.
Everyone can benefit from the use of non-slip rubber mats in the tub and shower.
Toddlers should not have unsupervised access to a bathroom at any time. A temporary doorknob cover will prevent them from entering.