Top 5 renovation tips to create more space in your home

As real estate prices continue to climb, the cost to trade up to a larger home is on the upswing across the country, especially as markets remain hampered by tight inventory levels. As a result, more and more Americans are choosing to renovate their current homes instead of relocating. In fact, some forecasts predict that renovation spending could exceed the record of $324 billion set during the peak of last decade's housing boom.


Tips for safer renovations

Safety always should be the top priority when doing home renovations.

Home renovation projects vary in scope. Something as simple as repainting a bedroom counts as a renovation project, as does a full kitchen remodel. But no matter how big or small a project, homeowners’ top priority should always be safety.
Before beginning a project, make a list of possible hazards and how to avoid them. Here are some potential dangers that can spring up.


Don't do these Five things when Remodeling the Kitchen

There is no household renovation project more exciting that a kitchen remodel. Whether you are just re-facing the cabinets or doing something more dramatic like changing to an open concept design, it is just as important to know what NOT to do as knowing what TO do. We’ve put together a list of five things NOT to do during your remodel, to assure you get the best possible results.


Don't Get Dragged into a Home DIY Disaster: Common Mistakes New Homeowners Makes

You just bought a new home and immediately want to make it magazine cover-worthy, but you're feeling the pinch of a brand new mortgage. Or maybe that recent storm blowing through the area caused some damage and you're wondering if you can fix it yourself. There are plenty of home repairs you can do with just a few basic tools and a home handyman advice book, but some projects are best left to the professionals. 


How To Make Your Renovation A Successful, Positive Experience

In the United States, renovation spending has more than doubled since the late 1990s, reaching nearly $65 billion last year alone. Oftentimes the investment a homeowner makes is substantial, both financially and emotionally. The stakes are high. That’s why it’s imperative that the job is done well from start to finish. There are a number of steps a homeowner can take to ensure a positive experience and a successful outcome, including: