10 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Homeowners Insurance

There’s a lot of home buying advice available to the first time home buyer. But, one thing many people disregard is the importance of finding the right home insurance policy. The only thing standing guard against financial ruin in the event of a catastrophe, your homeowner’s insurance is there to safeguard your home – and your bank account – when something goes wrong.


Don't Get Dragged into a Home DIY Disaster: Common Mistakes New Homeowners Makes

You just bought a new home and immediately want to make it magazine cover-worthy, but you're feeling the pinch of a brand new mortgage. Or maybe that recent storm blowing through the area caused some damage and you're wondering if you can fix it yourself. There are plenty of home repairs you can do with just a few basic tools and a home handyman advice book, but some projects are best left to the professionals.