Best Gifts for DIYers


We all know an avid Do It Yourselfer…someone who can turn nothing into something fantastic, or a person who can transform a room from drab to fab without any professional help. These people we know and love rely on their creativity, passion for construction, and love of design to fuel the projects of their dreams; that, and some handy tools. That’s why gadgets of the trade make for the best gifts for those DIYers on your holiday gift list. To them, they are the gifts that will keep on giving.


What Every DIYer Needs

Ever wonder why some do-it-yourselfers (DIY) seem so natural at it? You’re not alone. It’s a challenge for most homeowners, but it’s not an impossible one. The first step is finding the time to get it all done, and the second is having the right tools to do the work. Armed with the right tools, you can complete the job in a reasonable time.


Safety Equipment


Do-It-Yourself or Don't: Four Points to Ponder

It's not everyone who can be a DIYer. Tackling home-improvement projects on your own takes a generous helping of patience, a dab of ingenuity and just a sprinkling of know-how. Mostly, it's about being willing and able to try new approaches and to move outside your comfort zone on occasion. If you're someone who's terrified of dripped paint or holes in drywall, DIY projects might not be for you. But if you're willing to learn by doing -- by trying out the whole trial-and-error process, getting your hands dirty can be downright therapeutic.