Home Financing Tips: Home Financing Tips for Folks with Low Credit Scores

Having a low credit score and buying a home don't exactly go hand-in-hand. That's because a) a low credit score may not even qualify for mortgage approval, and b), even if you can get approved with a bad credit score, you'll be considered more of a high-risk buyer and be penalized for this status with a higher interest rate.

Either way you look at it, you lose.


Think Outside the Kitchen: Six Uses for Kitchen Cabinets You Haven't Thought Of

One of the greatest feelings a homeowner can get is the sense of accomplishment after a home improvement project. You look around your dwelling and realize you’ve successfully raised its value and made the space your own. The trouble for most homeowners is the time and energy needed to plan and carry out those improvements. That’s why we’re sharing a quick and easy tip to get you started!


Protecting the Features in your Home During Floor Installation

Installing new flooring in your home requires the right preparation and tools. Tile floors add to the beauty of your home and quickly update the space, but you need to take appropriate measures during a DIY home improvement project like installing new tile flooring. Before starting the project, take measures to protect your furniture and the features of your home by preparing for any potential complications.


Planning A Kitchen Remodel

As a contractor, I agree that a kitchen remodel is a great investment for homeowners. It has one of the best rates of return in resale value. Kitchen remodels can cost as little as a couple of thousand dollars for new appliances and paint for the walls, or be as expensive as gutting the whole kitchen area and starting fresh with high-end materials.


5 Questions To Ask Before Remodeling Your Bathroom

Next to the kitchen, a bathroom remodel is said to be the most extensive home renovation that you can do. And on that note, it’s important to know what to expect before you get too involved in a bathroom remodel, as faulty planning can lead to a major mess.

So just which questions should you be asking before you start a bath remodel? Here’s a look:

What is my budget?


What Should I Know About Grout?

If you are one of those homeowners who takes pride in making sure you home is in tip top working order, then you are probably familiar with a few DIY type of projects. You might not be ready to swap out a whole new plumbing sink system, but you aren’t afraid to tackle the smaller projects. One of those involves grout. Grout is used  between tile flooring, and it’s easy to do this yourself with a little know how. Some elbow grease doesn’t hurt either.


Insulating Your Home For Comfort and Savings

Insulating your home not only saves money, it can make your home a more comfortable place to live. Like many of us, if you have occupied your home for many years, the loss of heat or cooling may seem insignificant. You may not even notice energy robbing areas because you have become accustomed to them and that little draft under the door is something most people will not ever notice.