How Does A Bathroom Exhaust Fan Work?

If you're currently going through the process of a bathroom remodel (or are thinking about completing one in the near future), you have a perfect opportunity to add an exhaust fan to this ever-important room. Bathroom exhaust fans are great for a wide range of different reasons, but installing one properly and even picking out the right model to meet your needs requires a deeper understanding of just how they work in the first place.

How To Install a Pre-Hung Entry Door

Whether you’re looking to sell your home or just up the ante on its curb appeal, replacing the front entry door can make a big difference. Think about it, when it comes to first impressions of your home, the front door is arguably one of the biggest influencers other than your lawn and your landscaping, so it makes sense to update and/or replace when it’s appropriate.


What Shades of Granite and Back Splash Tiles go Well With White Kitchen Cabinets?

Planning a kitchen remodel project requires the right color combinations. As a homeowner, you want to feel comfortable in your space; however, you also want to add character and color to the kitchen. By selecting interesting and appealing granite countertop colors, you improve your space and create an interesting appearance for your home.

Shades of Grey


Top 5 renovation tips to create more space in your home

As real estate prices continue to climb, the cost to trade up to a larger home is on the upswing across the country, especially as markets remain hampered by tight inventory levels. As a result, more and more Americans are choosing to renovate their current homes instead of relocating. In fact, some forecasts predict that renovation spending could exceed the record of $324 billion set during the peak of last decade's housing boom.


Tips for safer renovations

Safety always should be the top priority when doing home renovations.

Home renovation projects vary in scope. Something as simple as repainting a bedroom counts as a renovation project, as does a full kitchen remodel. But no matter how big or small a project, homeowners’ top priority should always be safety.
Before beginning a project, make a list of possible hazards and how to avoid them. Here are some potential dangers that can spring up.