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Your Floors:
According to the Appraisal Institute of America, installation of hardwood flooring is one of the ten most popular home improvements in the United States – putting it in your kitchen is the second most popular new trend. Since hardwood floor increases the value of your home you can expect an average payback of up to 75 percent of the cost. In other words, bringing the beautiful warmth of wood to your home is a great investment!


All About Light Switches

There are two way, three way, and four way switches and they all require different wiring techniques. The type of switch is dictated by the number of wires attached to it. Two wires for two way, three wires for three way, and four wires for four way. Two way switches control a single light from one location and are fairly simple to wire. Three way switches control a single light from two locations and are a bit more tricky. And four way switches control a single light from three locations - and are the most complex to wire.


Fall is an ideal time of year to tackle home projects.

Home improvement projects can add value to a home and do-it-yourselfers know the sweat-equity that goes into such projects can give homeowners a greater sense of pride in their homes. But no two home improvement projects are the same, and homeowners should know that certain projects are best tackled during certain times of the year.