Porcelain: What Makes It so Versatile?

You’re about to do a home remodeling project or renovation and you want to install tile. However, you’re not quite sure which type of tile would be best for your abode. Indeed, many homeowners are curious about the difference between porcelain and ceramic tile. While they do have some similarities and people often use the words porcelain or ceramic interchangeably, there are differences.Porcelain Tile


Petspiration: Dog Bath

Your dog needs to be bathed regularly, so why not set up a specific place where those baths can be efficient and convenient? A dog washing station in the home can be a great upgrade that makes your life just a little bit easier. With a dog-centric wash station, you won’t have to worry about your tub or shower being ruined.

What Is the Difference in Kitchen Cabinet Costs?

Are you preparing to upgrade the kitchen and looking at the wide range of kitchen cabinet options?

Understanding what impacts the cost and convenience of your kitchen cabinets can help you make the right decision. Here are just a few of the reasons some kitchen cabinets cost more than others. If you want quality cabinets in your kitchen, you will want to know your options.

Custom Options

Last Minute Holiday Prep with Danna Johnson, Designer & Realtor®

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the happiest season of all, right? Until, you realize it’s your turn to host family and friends for the holiday season. You take days off from work to cook, clean and decorate, trying to make everything “perfect” for your guests. Then, literally, within five minutes of everyone arriving, you will look around to see that the kids are running and screaming through the house.