What Shades of Granite and Back Splash Tiles go Well With White Kitchen Cabinets?

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Planning a kitchen remodel project requires the right color combinations. As a homeowner, you want to feel comfortable in your space; however, you also want to add character and color to the kitchen. By selecting interesting and appealing granite countertop colors, you improve your space and create an interesting appearance for your home.

Shades of Grey

A simple way to match the granite countertop colors with the back splash and the white or light cabinets is through a simple variation of grey and white. Select a granite countertop with a white base and interesting shades of grey and black throughout the stone. When picking out the back splash, opt for shades of grey with two or three different options to create an interesting design.

Alternatively, alternate black and white in the back splash while using a white with grey granite countertop material to create a fun and simple design. The use of grey provides a contrast without overpowering the white cabinets.

Blue or Green

Granite is a versatile material with multiple color options. For a kitchen remodel project featuring white cabinets, opt for granite with a touch of blue, or a reasonably large amount of blue. For example, opt for lapis granite for blue countertops or choose an arctic blue granite for a touch of blue in a black background. 

The key is selecting granite countertop colors with a touch of blue to create an interesting splash of color in the space. Select shades of blue in a simple pattern for the back splash to add to the contrast and color in the space. The blue makes the kitchen feel calm and serene without overpowering the white cabinets.

Shades of Orange

Orange is a surprising color for a kitchen, but it creates a bright and inviting space when combined with a simple white cabinet color. Select granite with shades of orange, such as a pale peach for a light touch of color or a bright sunshine orange for a sudden splash of interesting shades.

For the back splash, choose a different shade of orange mixed with white in alternating patterns. The back splash offers a chance to create an interesting space without giving up on the beauty of your granite or the white cabinets.

Yellow and Gold

When orange seems a little too much, consider a touch of yellow in the kitchen. Granite countertops often have a small amount of yellow adding a bright and vibrant shade to lighter background shades. The touch of light yellow, stunning shades of gold or unexpected flashes of bright and sunny yellow adds to the appeal of the granite countertops.

After selecting the best color for countertops, put in alternate shades of yellow for a back splash. Use a pale baby yellow with a darker gold shade to create a fun pattern or alternative shades of yellow with white to bring the colors together and match it to the cabinets.

Selecting the right shades for granite and backsplash starts with identifying your personal preferences and goals. A kitchen remodel project is a personal touch, but white cabinets allow homeowners to explore different colors because it matches any shade or color a homeowner prefers when picking out granite or a back splash.

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