Three Tips for Cleaning Laminate Floors

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Laminate floors are a popular choice for many areas of the house, from kitchen to bathrooms to the entryway. Whether you've had these floors for years or they're part of a new home improvement project, you want to keep them looking their best. Get started with this short guide:

laminate floors, cleaning laminate floorsChoose the Right Mop

Select one that is a comfortable weight for you to lift and maneuver during your floor cleaning. For ease of use, choose a mop with a large-sized head that can swivel in every direction. Look for a mop with a removable microfiber pad.

Choose the Right Cleaning Solution

There are a wide range of commercial products available. If you aren't sure which to choose, ask the staff at your local hardware store for their recommendations. You can also look up DIY recipes online. If you're going this route, one tip is to mix 70 percent isopropyl alcohol solution with your regular floor cleaner. The isopropyl alcohol not only helps your floors dry faster, but it also cleans and disinfectants without the white marks that bleach may create. You could also use vinegar, but it may leave behind a slight, lingering scent. One basic recipe is 1/2-cup alcohol mixed with 1/3-cup cleaning solution. Dilute it with hot water.

When You’re Cleaning:

  • Spot-treat spilled foods and stains first.
  • Sweep if there's a significant amount of dirt or grit on the floor.
  • Begin mopping, working backwards toward the door.
  • If you are using the right cleaning solution, it should dry without any issues. • If necessary, rinse off the floor and check for any residue left behind.

General Tips

clean laminate, laminate floor care Here are some general tips to keep your laminate floors clean and in good condition: If you live in an area with sand, try to keep this off of the floors because it will abrade and scar the surface. A few ways to do this include:

  • taking off your shoes at the door
  • keeping pets out of areas with laminate floors
  • placing rugs in the entry areas (look for rubber-backed rugs that won't slip and slide)
  • encourage family members to wipe their feet

Keep your laminate floors safe from your furniture. Chair and table legs can deeply scar even high-quality laminate. Invest in rubber or felt foot protectors. These will also help you move the furniture more easily when you're redecorating.

Never pour water directly onto laminate floor. If something spills, clean it immediately. You don't want liquids to sit on the laminate and sink into the cracks. This can cause bubbling and warping of the planks and may make them lift over time.

Be cautious when wearing high heels; you may dent the laminate.

Don't use strong abrasive materials like steel wool or hard-bristled brushes on the floor. We know that cleaning dried-down stains is frustrating, but have a little patience. Soaking the stain in a cleaner designed for laminate floors will make it soften and lift up in no time.

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