In Store Specials

NEW! Spectracide Wasp & Hornet Spray

Water-based, non-staining formula wasp and hornet killer. Features fast knockdown and kill. Sprays up to 27 feet for a safe distance when spraying nests. Kills on contact and eliminates the entire nest. 20 ounce can. Active ingredient: 0.025% Prallethrin, 0.010% Lambda-Cyhalothrin.

Only $2.99 each





NEW! Simple Strap

SIMPLE STRAP™, the original all-purpose rubber tie-down, is the fastest and easiest way to secure pretty much anything! It is self-gripping so there are no complicated knots, hazardous hooks or rusty ratchets. It is reusable, works when wet, works in the dirt and in extreme temperatures! Each wrap has a PSI of over 1,000! Plus, you get over 20' so you can cut to any length you want. It is so simple to use. Wrap tight, making sure the first and second wrap are in contact and then tuck the end into the last wrap and you're done! Ideal for construction, household, camping, bundling lumber, rebar, pipes etc., boating/fishing, roof racks, awnings, surfboards, canoes, repairing woodcraft, storm prep and much more!

Available in red, black or yellow.

2 MM Only $15.88 each

3 MM Only $17.88 each




IVC Ambition 12' Utah 534 Vinyl

8"X8" stone tile design. Economical, waterproof sheet vinyl constructed with fiberglass as its core. 45-gauge, 5-mil wear layer. Our partners will cut your order upon arrival at the store.

Only 59¢ sq. ft.

Available in-stock at select locations. See store for details. Available by Spend Less Express ordering all locations.






Winchester Brown Leather 12' Carpet

Casual cut pile, stain resistant. Bulk continuous fiber (will have essentially no shedding because the fiber runs the continuous length of the row). Colorfastness. To perfect your purchase of rolled flooring, our partners will cut your order upon arrival at the store.

Only 53¢ sq. ft.

Available in-stock at select locations. See store for details. Available by Spend Less Express ordering all locations.





NEW! American Standard Colony Right Height White Elongated Bowl 1.28 GPF Toilet-To-Go

Colony white ADA elongated front, HET, toilet-to-go. 1.28 GPF (gallons per flush), meets EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) WaterSense. Includes toilet bowl and toilet tank, seat, wax ring, flange bolts, standard 12" rough in, 2" fully glazed trapway. 2" flush valve, siphon action bowl with direct fed jet and excellent rim wash. 2 year warranty.

Only $129.99 each







Valspar Combination Paint Medium Eggshell Base

This durable wall enamel protects with a 100% acrylic coating for long lasting interior beauty. The eggshell finish provides a low sheen that resists stains and fingerprints. SKU 774024.

  • One coat coverage
  • Scrubbable
  • Protects with a 100% acrylic coating for a lifetime of interior beauty
  • Provides a low sheen that resists stains and fingerprints
  • Dries quickly
  • Cleans up easily with soap and water
  • Decorative low gloss sheen
  • Paint + Primer in one
  • Low Odor
  • Zero VOC

Only $39.99 gallon

Paint bases may vary by location. See store for details.

Valspar Latex Flat Ceiling Paint, White, 1 Gal.

This product is formulated with spatter resistance for ease in overhead painting of ceilings. Provides a flat finish which will not yellow with age. Nonglare finish. Covers up to 350 Sq. Ft. per gallon on smooth sealed surfaces. Dries to touch in 30 minutes. Product uses: Interior ceilings of plaster or sheetrock, acoustical tile, or spray textured ceilings.

Only $27.99 gallon




NEW - Newborn 10 Oz. Super Smooth Rod Revolving Frame Caulk Gun

Super smooth rod revolving frame caulk gun supports cartridge. 18:1 thrust ratio. Features: precision sintered friction plate, easy release star-burst reverse-punched gripping plate, seal puncture tool/spout cutter, ladder hook, and zinc alloy handle and trigger. Heat-treated push rod.

  • Super smooth rod revolving frame caulk gun supports a 1/10 gallon cartridge
  • 18:1 thrust ratio
  • Seal puncture tool/spout cutter
  • Ladder hook
  • zinc alloy handle and trigger

Only $21.88 each



NEW - 3 In. Flat Chip Wall Natural Bristle Paint Brush

Made with white natural bristles for use with oil-based paints, stains, and finishes. Also excellent for use as parts cleaning brushes or to apply adhesives. Sanded wood handle and tin-plated ferrule.

Only $1.49 each






Linzer 11 Piece Paint Kit

  • 2 Knit Roller Covers
  • 5 - Wire Cage Roller Frame
  • Bright Metal Paint Tray
  • One Coat Quality Trim Brush
  • Tray Liner
  • 1 Knit Roller Cover
  • 5 - Wire Cage Roller Frame
  • Metal Tray
  • 3” Roller Frame
  • 3” Trim Roller
  • Foam Trim Brush
  • Extension Pole
  • Paint Paddle

Only $12.88 each


Kilz Upshot 10 Oz. Overhead Stain Sealer Spray, White

An interior oil-base stain blocker with a unique vertical spray tip for overhead application. Its great for blocking ceiling stains like water, smoke and grease. Tinted to match most aged/acoustical ceilings. Fast and easy vertical spray. Seals pet and smoke odors. Stains: water, smoke, tannin, ink, pencil, felt-marker and grease. Odors: pet, smoke. Use on: wood, drywall, plaster, paneling, wallpaper, masonry, brick and painted metal.

Only $7.29 each





NEW! Nikco Hand Sanitizer 4 OZ

Alcohol antiseptic topical solution. Non-sterile solution. 120 ML.

Only $3.33 each







NEW! Zep Antibacterial Cleaner 32 OZ Spray Bottle

Zep professional spray bottle has premium spray head and provides long-lasting high output spraying. Adjustable nozzle sprays a fine mist or powerful stream. Refillable bottle makes using economical concentrates practical and easy. Spray bottle holds 32 oz.

Only $3.99 each





NEW! Zep Antibacterial Cleaner 128 OZ

Antibacterial Disinfectant and Cleaner with Lemon kills 99.9 percent of germs, neutralizing odors and cutting through grease and tough soil. The ready-to-use formula is perfect for cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, offices, schools, and anywhere there are germs and bacteria. The broad-spectrum disinfectant easily removes soap scum and kills HIV, MRSA, Influenza, and more. The cleaner is suited for all hard, non-porous surfaces not harmed by water, including countertops, sinks, faucets, floors, and doors.

Only $10.88 each


NEW - Neverkink 5/8 In. Dia. x 50 Ft. L. Extra Heavy-Duty Garden Hose

Neverkink Extra Heavy-Duty hose. Features high strength, lead-free aluminum couplings. Hose is all-weather and flexible to 45 degrees Fahrenheit. MicroShield guards against mold and mildew. Reflex Mesh anti-kink technology means no kinks or tangles, guaranteed. Rigid strain relief prevents kinking at faucet. Burgundy with gray stripe. Lifetime warranty. Not safe for drinking water.
  • High strength
  • Lead-free aluminum couplings
  • All-weather, flexible down to 45 Deg F
  • MicroShield guards against mold & mildew
  • Reflex Mesh anti-kink technology

Only $27.99 each



Faircrest Hickory Shaker Cabinets

  • Solid Hardwood Door Frames and Face Frames
  • Cabinet Boxes are Entirely 1/2" Plywood Construction for Durability
  • Cabinet Boxes and Shelves are Match Stained
  • 3/4" Plywood Shelves, 3/4" Hardwood Dovetail Drawer Boxes
  • Butt-style Doors Eliminate the Center Stile to Allow for Easier Use
  • Stainless Steel Baskets are Standard
  • Concealed Hinges, Full Extension Drawers w/ Soft-Close Undermount Glides
  • Assembly Required
  • Available via Spend Less Express ordering

Save money by assembling these cabinets at home, or allow our experts to handle the assembly for you. Contact your store for assembly rates.

Only $166.00 Linear Foot (Based on a 10'x10' kitchen)


Komelon 25'x1" LED Tape Measure

This ultra compact, professional Komelon 25'x1" LED Tape Measure is the industries first! The built in LED light is strong eough to light up any dark environment, ensuring an accurate measurement. The LED has an auto shutoff after 5 minutes, in the event it accidently gets turned on. It also comes equipped with a USB cable for lightening fast battery charges. A full charge will allow for 3 hours of continuous run time.


  • Ultra Compact Case, White Non-Glare Blade

  • Bright LED Flashlight, Large Read Numbers

  • Backside Printing on Blade

  • Quick USB Charge, Easy-to-use Slide Lock Mechanism


  • 25' Blade, 1" Wide Blade, White Blade, Imperial Scale, Slide Lock button

Only $15.88 each

Spartan GO! Mosquito Spray

Long-lasting, 8 hour effective protection from mosquitoes and ticks, including mosquitoes that may transmit West Nile Virus, Chikunandguya, Dengue, and Zika and ticks carrying Lyme disease and tick borne encephalitis.4 fluid ounces.

  • Repels mosquitoes
  • Repels ticks
  • Repels biting flies
  • Repels stable flies
  • Repels black flies
  • Repels gnats
  • Repels chiggers
  • Repels Scottish biting midges

Only $4.88 each

*Items and prices may vary by location. Limited to quantities on hand for in-stock items. Prices good through June 30, 2020. See store for details.