Petspiration - Create the Ultimate Luxury Doghouse with These 9 Features

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If you want your dog to live in the lap of luxury (and who doesn’t?!), then building them the ultimate luxury doghouse is the way to go. Even dogs who sleep indoors appreciate having their very own DIY pet-friendly space to enjoy while out in the yard. To ensure it is as luxurious as they deserve, you must include these nine awesome features in your build. Check it out.

Automatic Lights

While lights can make the doghouse a lot cozier for your canine companions, there is just one problem. Dogs are not great at working light switches, unless trained to complete that task, that is. To simplify it for them, install automatic lights inside and on the porch. Then, all your pup has to do is walk up and the lights will turn on like magic — and switch back off again when they leave.

Covered Porch

When they are not inside, dogs enjoy relaxing on the porch and watching the world go by — and the experience can be made even sweeter by giving them one of their very own. Just build a covered area big enough for them to lie down right along the front of their doghouse. Then, add durable vinyl flooring that will withstand their muddy paw prints year-round. Don’t forget to install the vinyl inside as well to elevate the beauty and function of the interior space.   

Climate Controls

Since doghouses have a relatively small footprint, it can get quite stuffy inside during the summer months even if they do have windows. Their lack of thick insulation allows the cold to creep in all throughout the winter as well. You can eliminate those issues by having heating and air conditioning units installed right in the side. You will still have to work the controls for your pup, however, though that is as easy as flipping a switch. 

Sound System

Like their human companions, many dogs find music soothing, especially classical tunes. You can keep them bopping to their favorite beats by installing a sound system in their doghouse. Since dogs have much more sensitive hearing, you only need a speaker or two to provide their favorite melodies. Also, always put the volume on low to send notes gently floating through the air.

Aluminum WindowsDogs love to spend the day gazing through the windows, eagerly awaiting the chance to bark at a daring squirrel. Thankfully, you do not have to deny them that experience as they lounge around in their doghouse. You can simply install a couple aluminum windows at either side of the structure to provide a clear view outside. Most luxury doghouses look great with the 24-inch by 36-inch size, though you can go much bigger if you wish.  

Upper Deck

Sometimes, lying on the front porch is just not enough space to watch the really exciting events all around them. So, give your dog options by installing an open upper deck as well. Give the doghouse a slightly slanted roof and create stairs leading up to the very top. Then, cover that area with a layer of fake grass to make a comfortable spot to relax. Your dog may use that space to get a better view of the neighborhood or even howl at the moon before coming in for the night.  

Feeding Station

A doghouse is simply not a home without delicious grub on tap at all times. Cold beverages are a must as well for dogs and humans alike. To give them what they want, make sure their humble abode has a feeding station in an easily accessible location. Elevated ones work best, especially for large breeds and aging pups, since they prevent bloat and improve accessibility.

Treat Dispensers

There is no doubt about it. Your dog is always a good boy and well deserving of a treat. But what if you are not right there to provide them one after a job well done? Since you cannot risk that happening, install a high-tech treat dispenser along the wall. Through the dispenser, you can pop out a treat on demand with a couple of clicks of a button on the app.

Ball Launcher

Who can say no to a dog wanting to play a game of fetch with their favorite person? Unfortunately, life’s demands can get in the way of fun even for man’s best friend. To get around that issue, add an automatic ball launcher to the doghouse design. You can put it on the edge of the front porch or along side the structure. Then, all your pup has to do is pop the ball inside to have it sent flying back across the yard.

With all these features at their beck and call, your dogs will undoubtedly love their new digs. You might even find them raring to go outside at the beginning of the day and reluctant to come in at first call. Nevertheless, they will adore being back by your side in the end, curled up on the couch or resting alongside your bed at night.

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