One Weekend Project Idea: Wood-Look Feature Wall

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Looking for a quick DIY project that will transform your space? A wood-look feature wall can add an unexpected color or texture to any space in your home. The right flooring or tile will fit the overall aesthetic of the room and may serve as a practical design element as well.Porcelain Plank

Choosing the Right Look for the Space

You can use hardwood, laminate, vinyl or tile on the desired section for a wood accent wall. Use the planks in a horizontal, vertical, diagonal or geometrical pattern that best fits the look you want to achieve for the wood wall design. Think outside the box, but don’t get too carried away with wall planking in a way that distracts from your room. You might want to use a wood-look feature wall to highlight a seating area or complement a fireplace wall. The right DIY feature wall design will add to the overall design of the room and not be too busy or feel out of place.

You can use wood textures and colors that complement the finishes of the furniture you plan to have in the space. Some laminate and tile can provide a stone look for areas, like outdoor spaces, that might look better with cooler tones.

When A Wood-Look Feature Wall Is Practical

If you are using a feature wall in a kitchen, bathroom or mudroom, you may find that the right waterproof and easy-to-clean tiles offer a practical aspect. When you are designing a space that may face extra mess, the right materials on the wall will be easier to wipe clean than even a high-gloss paint. Wall tiles can protect the wall from splash water damage as well.

Porcelain TileWood-Look Flooring and Tile Options

Some flooring and tile types will be single horizontal pieces, and others will have a locking tongue-and-grove design that snap into place. While traditional wood planks offer a natural beauty and quality for a DIY wood wall, they are not as easy to clean and might be best for a purely decorative space. Wood-look tile, vinyl and laminate can offer the wood-look feature wall look with an easy-to-clean aspect and may be less expensive for your wood accent wall ideas. Stone and marbled porcelain tile, vinyl or laminate can add a completely different look in spaces where a wood look wouldn't fit.

The tools you will need for this project will depend on the type of wall planking you choose to go with. For ceramic or porcelain tiles, you will need a tile saw, adhesive, grout and spacers. Small mosaic-style tiles will often be applied by sticking to the wall and smoothing in grout. Larger vinyl, laminate or hardwood will need to be cut with a regular saw and may need to be applied with adhesive or nails. Thinner tiles can also be bought as a peel-and-stick, and these are typically the easiest and cheapest option (but also a lower quality).

PorcelainCheck out our selection of flooring and tile options for your next DIY accent wall project. With a number of quality flooring and tile products at great prices, you will find the perfect tile, hardwood, vinyl or laminate for your wood-look feature wall project.

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