Holiday Entertaining Guide 2017

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No matter where you live in the world, holidays kick off the year-end celebrations of many cultural traditions and inspire family togetherness as we welcome holiday guests to share our favorite holiday meals. If you are planning to do some holiday entertaining, don’t let the stress interfere with the festivities.

holiday entertaining, holiday guests, holidays 2018Here some holiday tips and ideas for enjoying the season.

Make a list and check it twice

Thanks to technology, most of us keep our contacts and addresses neatly stored in an electronic device. You can create a mailing list simply by transferring and formatting the data. Choose between mailing invitations or take advantage of online services to send e-invitations, where you can create your own unique invitation or choose from one of the holiday designs.

If you are going to address and mail the invitations, consider inviting some friends over to stuff the envelopes and help plan the party. As an incentive to get into the spirit, prepare some preholiday party snacks and cocktails.

holiday lights, holiday entertainingHoliday light displays

Yuletide lights go back to the late 1880s; Thomas Edison actually lit a string of lights as a marketing campaign. Today, modern inventions have made it simple and affordable to decorate with lights. You can create amazing designs indoors and outdoors with Christmas lights.

  • Add some ambiance and holiday cheer by wrapping twinkling lights to the framework of an existing chandelier.
  • Wire planters and holiday wreaths offer more lighting ideas. You can find them at a local home store. Wrap the lights around the wire frame and mount them to the wall.
  • Join two semicircular wire planters and you have a globe, perfect to use as a centerpiece or suspended from the ceiling for a dramatic effect.

Buffet hosting and catering

You don’t have to make everything to stay within your budget, but keep it simple. Celebrate the holidays with a taste of the local culinary blends of traditional and contemporary cuisines. Or invite your guests to make list of family favorites for a delicious potluck. Remember, favorite holiday meals aren’t always dinner; think about a brunch and set up a mimosa or Bloody Mary bar.

  • Decorative holiday trends include a touch of panache. Use slate trays and markers for labeling cheese and appetizers.
  • Create your own chiller bowl for cold foods with a splash of color using novelty ice molds made with fruits or herbs.
  • Infused spirits are popular today. Carry the tray theme on to a small bar table with an assortment of traditional spirits.
  • 'Tis the season for insulated beverage dispensers of mulled wines and spiced ciders, nestled next to sweet, mouth-watering desserts.

Holiday entertaining

Capture the memories of the holiday moments — live — with digital gadgets and mobile apps. Set the tone and create your own holiday music programming. You can even download the memories directly to family and holiday guests as after-party favors. Thanks to technology and a few electronic hand sized devices, it’s possible.

  • Smartphone clip-on lenses improve the quality of photographic images.
  • Digital video capture stores the moments on USB drives.
  • Small, portable, wireless sound systems power the sound directly through the surfaces they're placed on.

Get ready to welcome your guests and enjoy the holidays.

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