Grilling the Perfect Steak

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Nothing beats the pleasant aroma of grilled steak on a Saturday afternoon. You can have fun-filled moments cooking outdoors in your backyard with your loved ones. Here is how you can grill the perfect steak that is bursting with flavors.

First Comes the Grill

The best steaks are grilled outdoors. You can easily build a custom grill that suits your style, needs and the design of your outdoor space. Stop by Barton’s Home Outlet, where you’ll find everything you need to build your custom grill, including:

  • Metal grates (2)
  • Clay bricks
  • Mortar
  • Trowel
  • Tape measure
  • Straightedge ruler
  • Level the Grill

Ultimately, you’ll want to use a professional grill plan, which you can find in books or online, to build your custom grill, but in general, these are the steps you’ll be taking to build it.

  1. Mark out the perimeter of your custom grill. You can use one of the metal grates to delineate a perfect square. Make sure you place your grill on a flat surface, such as a concrete slab or patio.
  2. Dry fit the first layer of bricks. This gives you a chance to play around with the shape until you decide what you prefer. Leave a half an inch gap in between each brick. This will be taken up by the mortar.
  3. Take up the bricks and lay down a ribbon of mortar on the line where the bricks will be. Each time you place a new brick, use the trowel to place mortar on the side of the brick. Use your level to make sure the bricks are lying flat. Use the straightedge to maintain a straight edge along the outside of your line of bricks.
  4. Continue in this fashion until you’ve built up your grill “walls.” Stagger some bricks inward to create a ledge to hold your metal grates.

Now For The Perfect Steak

Salt your steak generously before grilling it and let it sit. Leave it uncovered for some hours, or if you can, let it sit in your fridge overnight before grilling. Contrary to common belief, salting before grilling will not draw moisture out of your steak, but it enables it to absorb the salt evenly. For enhanced flavor, consider seasoning it with pepper and garlic in addition to salt.

Dry the Steak

After seasoning your steak and letting it sit as desired, pat it dry with clean paper towels. This will remove excess and unwanted moisture.

Light up the Charcoal

Light your grill in advance so that you give the charcoal a chance to light up well and stop smoking. You don’t want to start grilling on smoking charcoal as this will add a strong taste that can be unpleasant to some. However, if you want some bit of smoking, you should consider throwing in some wood pellets for flavor. the Steak on the Grill and Start Cooking

Once the charcoal is well-lit, place the cooking grate on your grill. Ensure the grill heats up to 500OF. Place the steak on the grill, and wait for two minutes to rotate it 90o. This will give your steak impeccable sear marks. Flip your steak over after two more minutes. Give it a final 900 flip and two more minutes to cook.

However, the cooking time for every steak may be different. Cooking time depends on your steak’s thickness and the temperature of your grill. Remember to have a thermometer nearby to help you tell when the steak is done so that you do not overcook it.

The following are the perfect temperatures to ensure your steak is done as per your liking:

  • Rare 125oF or 52oC
  • Medium rare 135oF or 57oC
  • Medium 145oF or 63oC
  • Medium well 150oF or 66oC
  • Well done 160oF or 71oC

Building your own grill is both satisfying and quite easy to do. If you’d like help picking out your supplies, just ask one of our friendly staff to give you a hand. Just be warned, once they find out what’s cooking, you might need to throw an extra steak on the grill!


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