Get a Head Start on Holiday CleanUp With These Five Projects

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While completing a task at work, you glance at your calendar. You’re shocked at how little time remains before the holiday season. In mere weeks, you’ll be hosting a large family get together in your spacious home. Before your guests arrive, you desperately desire to get your house in tip-top shape. If you can relate to this scenario, consider getting a head start on holiday cleanup with the following six projects. holiday cleanup, holiday prepBecause you won’t be rushing around to clean everything at the last minute, you’ll likely prevent unnecessary stress and anxiety.

Tidy Your Entryway

When guests arrive for the holidays, the first thing they’ll see when they open the front door is your home’s entryway. Remove any cobwebs or dust bunnies lurking in this often-neglected space. Getting rid of clutter such as shoes, coats, mittens, scarves, or furniture you’re not currently utilizing is a smart idea. If you have a rug in your entryway, give it a good cleaning.

Raid Your Refrigerator and Kitchen Cabinets

Clean House, HolidaysDo you absolutely adore baking delicious sweet treats and savory foods for family members and friends during the holidays? Now is the time to make room in your kitchen for all of the seasonal ingredients you’ll be utilizing soon. Empty your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets of items that have expired. Scrub your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets with a mild soap. Don’t forget to wipe down the hardware on your cupboards.    

Clean Ceiling Fixtures

If your ceiling fixtures are covered in dust, dirt, and cobwebs, grab a portable or lightweight vacuum. Using a soft nozzle attachment, vacuum your ceiling fans, lights, and air conditioning and heating vents. After vacuuming, wipe down your ceiling fixtures with a soft damp cloth. If you have a dishwasher, you might be able to clean glass light fixture shades in it. Before beginning this project, check your dishwasher’s manual to ensure it’s safe to undertake.

Organize Closets

Before holiday entertaining begins, organizing your closets is crucial. Visitors to your home will need a place to hang up their coats. Overnight guests will need additional space to store their belongings. Remove clothing items, accessories, and shoes from your closets that are damaged or haven’t been worn in a long time. After this process, neatly arrange your remaining things. You might wish to invest in some inexpensive closet organizers such as an over-the-door shoe rack.    

Freshen Up Your Garbage Disposal

During the holidays, your garbage disposal will work overtime. To prepare for holiday entertaining, squirt a few drops of a concentrated dish detergent down your drain. Turn the garbage disposal on for 30 seconds. Running a fresh chopped lemon down your garbage disposal is another way to eliminate odors. To sharpen the blades of your garbage disposal, throw some ice cubes in it.

If staying up all night to tidy your home before holiday guests arrive isn’t appealing, start the painstaking cleaning process sooner rather than later. You’ll likely enjoy the special season more and fret about the details less.

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