DIY No-No's: A Halloween Demolition Party!

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When you moved from your last apartment, you threw a “pizza party.” With the aid of a pepperoni- and mozzarella-covered bribe, you and your friends got the apartment cleared out in no time. Can you do the same for a home demolition? Should you throw a Halloween demo party?

No. Here are five reasons why this could be one of your more dangerous ideas:
1. You'd like to get your home in good shape before the winter holidays and your judgmental in-laws come to stay. Halloween seems like a convenient time to do this as well as have fun with your friends. However, there are a couple of problems with this:
•    The drinking and high spirits of Halloween don't mix well with power tools and sledgehammers.
•    Children are a big part of this holiday and will drop by and be underfoot.
•    If you save the demolition for the winter holidays, you can keep the extended family busy with small tasks. You'll also have an excuse to get out of the house for a few hours when you need it the most.

2. In the United States, Halloween tends to be a pleasantly cool, breezy time of the year. That may sound like great weather for getting sweaty while tearing up a floor. However, fall weather is notoriously unpredictable. You don't want to get partway through a bath remodel and plumbing work, only to get interrupted by a sudden storm and have to delay the project for days. If you have a big family, it may become a dire situation.

Man With Circular Saw3. The Halloween party may not be very much fun. Sure, you'd love to hang out with your friends, working on a project together. However, any veteran of home improvement projects knows they involve at least two extra trips to Home Depot. When you come back with some forgotten building supplies, you may find your guests kicked back with a cold one instead of working. Or you might track them down to your neighbor's place, enjoying his labor-free hospitality.

4. Don't forget about the issue of liability. If someone gets injured on your property during that kitchen remodel, you may be facing legal issues. This is definitely the case if they're hurt using one of your power tools. You may think your tools are in good condition, but one accident could ruin the whole night.

5. When it comes down to it, the only person's experience you're sure of is your own. Are your friends even qualified to demolish and start renovations? You may be an experienced DIY-er and home remodeler, but they may not be. If someone gets careless, they could:
•    crack pipes
•    tear out electrical wires
•    take down the wrong wall
•    damage nearby furniture
•    create far more problems than they solve.

In fact, you might not even know about these issues until the home inspector comes by to certify your work. If you really need manpower for a home demo, you may need to bring in the professionals.

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