Build a Dog Room That You and Your Pet Will Love

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Pets need their own space just like humans do. If you're the proud owner of a furry friend, or if you're thinking of becoming a dog owner in the near future, your pet will need certain things, including a space to call his own. But before you begin building the perfect pet room, familiarize yourself with what your dog actually requires. Dogs need toys and exercise to keep them entertained. They need a quiet, comfy place to lie down after a busy day of playing in the park. Dogs need time and space to socialize with other pets and with humans. Consider all of these needs before you choose where and how to build a dog-friendly space, and both you and your pet will end up loving friendly spaces, pet space

Where to Build Your New Pet Room

Big dogs need big spaces. If you're sharing your home with a large-breed dog, consider turning a spare room, garage or basement into his designated spot. You'll want an area that has easy-to-clean flooring such as water-resistant laminate. If you plan to let your new pup lounge on the furniture, consider low-maintenance upholstery like canvas or leather.

Smaller dogs can thrive in tighter areas, such as in his or her own little niche under the stairs or in a corner of your home office. 

What to Include in Your New, Indoor Dog Zone

  • pet friendly kitchenFood and Water: Your pet will need a designated spot for his food dish and water bowl. You'll want this area to clean up easily with just a broom and a mop, so carpet is not the best option. Design a small area using scratch- and wear-resistant flooring, such as ceramic tile or vinyl. If this is impossible, create a doggy dinner placemat with a large tray. 
  • A Toy Box: You won't want dog toys littering the floor in your new pet-friendly space, so a box or cubby for storage is a perfect idea. If you have the space, a run of cabinets is ideal. It will give you ample storage for all your dog accessories, including grooming supplies, towels, toys, dog food and medications such as flea spray. Use cabinet organizers to make the most of the space you have. 
  • A Pet Bed: A regular dog bed works well, but a carpet remnant will work, too. Be sure to avoid placing bed pillows or cushions in your dog's space unless you want to spend time cleaning up the fluff and foam inside them. 

pet bed, pet friendly homeThe most important consideration in creating a designated dog room is to ensure that it meets his needs. It should be climate-controlled, comfortable and away from the flow of heavy house traffic. It should not be so far away, however, as to make him feel excluded from the family. Dogs need lots of cuddles and praise. 

Your new dog space should meet your needs as well — easy to maintain and resistant to stains and odors. While caring for your dog is a 24/7 commitment, caring for his space shouldn't be. Visit today for all your dog-friendly finishes. 

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